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IT Solutions

Flexible and powerfulOur IT solutions are based on high-performance network and server racks in all sizes – from standalone rack applications to fully configured data centers. Our solutions cover the entire value chain – from configuration, production, logistics and any reworking required on custome

Product Solutions

Infinite possibilitiesBenefit from a unique and unparalleled modular system platform. Our products solve problems, accelerate operations, boost productivity and help to protect the environment. With a smart system architecture comprised of individual modules - enclosures, climate control, power dist

Data Center Solutions

Our technical specialists work with you to design, navigate and manage all the elements that keep your network running today – and tomorrow – from connectivity technologies to electrical systems and power distribution to automation, cooling, security and lighting. We bring the supply chain managemen

Industry Solutions

Making a success of digitalizationWe all agree – if companies want to safeguard their business over the long term, they need to be more systematic than ever in using end-to-end data along with standardized processes and solutions to streamline their operations. Climate protection is now also a highl

Manufacture Of Structured Cabling System And FTTX Products.
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